Hiring a Compressor From Us

Why consider hiring a Compressor?

Hiring a Compressor is a good idea if it can help meet you short term goals or project needs and help save on outlaying Capital. Hiring means you have all advantages of the having compressor to suit your needs, and none of the problems – no matter how costly. All you pay is the monthly payment.

One monthly payment – that’s it. Eliminate the following Costs to your business:

Any problems with the Compressor Unit – just call our service department. All sorted at no cost to you. Total peace of mind for a fixed monthly payment.

No ongoing Costs

No need to worry about Inflation increasing your running costs. The monthly payment is fixed for the length of the agreement. If you renew your agreement on the same machine – payment will remain the same. Existing Hire Customers who renew contracts but want a new machine of the same size or larger will get a considerable discount over the current rate to new customers at that time. There is a low initial outlay – depending on the size of the Unit it may be no more than 2 months rental and a one off installation charge.

You know exactly what your budget costs will be

Once the hire agreement is in place, forget about it and leave it all to Compressor Sales & Hire – It couldn’t be more hassle free!

It’s cheaper in the long run than you might think

Every Customer has different job requirements. Some want just a compressor while others need a complete package to meet an air quality standard. Discuss exactly what your needs are with us, then let us find a solution tailored specifically for you.

So how does it work?

The usual minimum hire period is 3 months and the max period is for as long as you wish. The charges will be different – obviously long term hire is cheaper per month.

If you want to rent for a really short period – a week to a month – we can arrange that too. It will be a little bit more expensive – but it may be an expense you need to pay for the ‘bigger picture’ outcome.

The type and age of machine on hire will affect the charges – a new, fully featured, latest model, loaded with extras will be more than a used basic machine. It really depends on what your application requires. That’s why it is important to discuss your needs with our experienced team so we can tailor the best package for you.
How much does it cost?

As stated above there are many variables – but here is a bit of a rough guideline. All hire agreements and costs are subject to terms and conditions* and final agreed pricing on your hire contract.

We have machines available from 4kw up to 50kw in the hire fleet. The following is an example of options available for the hiring of a 7kw compressor to run up to 60 hrs a week for a 12 month hire contract:

 What if I want to Buy?

Do you want an easy way to get commercial equipment finance? Compressor Sales & Hire can provide you with Equipment Finance for all types of air compressors – 3-phase piston compressors, rotary screw compressors, diesel compressors – the list goes on.

Contact us today and let us tailor a compressor and finance package to meet your needs!